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Click the button again to sort highest to lowest or reverse alphabetically. If you do, the sort will be applied only to the contents of the column, not the entire table or data range. After 27 years, Microsoft changed the name of this feature from AutoFilter to just Filter? The Filter feature places a button to the right of each cell in the header row of a table or data range.

Filter is turned on by default when you make a table, and you can see these buttons in the header row of a table.

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Filter a list of data - Excel for Mac

You can toggle Filter on or off by pressing Command-Shift-F. When you click the Filter button in a column header, the Filter dialog displays. The column header label is the title of the dialog. Filter lets you sort and filter. Enable Autofilter Once your data range that meets the criteria above, you are ready to apply the Autofilter feature: Select a cell in the range. Any cell will do, but make sure you don't select more than one cell or Excel will apply the Autofilter to the selected cells rather than the whole table.

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You may prefer to select all of the cells in the data range if you want - this is a good idea if you have columns with headings in two or more rows as discussed above. Next, click the Sort and Autofilter button on the Home tab of the Excel ribbon toolbar, then click Filter. The first row in the table the header row should change, with a small drop-down arrow on each cell in the header row, similar to the example below: Using Excel's Autofilter feature to filter your list You can now filter the table based on the values in the table by clicking the buttons to the right of the column heading.

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This will show a drop-down list as shown here: Other options you have here will allow the following: Sorting by Salesperson. In this case the list could be sorted alphabetically in ascending A to Z or descending Z to A order. If you are using Color formatting on the cells in the Salesperson column, you could also choose to sort by Color.

This option also hides the very useful and powerful Custom Sort option which allows you to sort the list by multiple criteria, such as sorting by Salesperson and then by Item. You could also select more than one salesperson from the list by checking the box next to the name of each salesperson you want to filter by.

Text Filters allow you to use various advanced text filtering options, rather than choosing specific people from the list. One example would be to filter by all salespeople whose name starts with M. The Search option is useful when you have a large list of unique records in this case that would mean lots of different salespeople , so the quickest way to find a specific person is to type their name, rather than scrolling through the whole list. This option was introduced in Excel , and is also available in Excel for Mac and Excel for Windows.

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Once you click OK with the selection above, the list will look like this: It is important to note two things about this list now that it has been filtered: There is a different filter icon at the top of the Salesperson column, indicating that this list has a filter applied on the Salesperson column. The row numbers are now shown in blue, indicating that the list has been filtered. Note how the row numbers now skip row numbers for rows that don't match the filter. The Excel status bar at the bottom left of the screen will display the total number of records returned by the filter, as shown here: Using Autofilter to filter by more than one criteria The above example used just one criterion - Salesperson - to filter the list.

For example: Want to learn more? Try these lessons: How to create a Pivot Table in Excel. Working with data ranges in Excel. Alternate between hiding objects, displaying objects, and displaying placeholders for objects.

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac

Select cells in a row that don't match the value in the active cell in that row. You must select the row starting with the active cell. Move from left to right within the selection, or move down one cell if only one column is selected. Move from right to left within the selection, or move up one cell if only one column is selected. If you'd like to change the direction of these shortcuts using the mouse, on the Excel menu, click Preferences , click Edit , and then, under.

How to use Autofilter in Excel

After pressing Return, move selection , select the direction you want to move in. Excel for Mac uses the function keys for common commands, including Copy and Paste. For quick access to these shortcuts, you can change your Apple system preferences so you don't have to press the FN key every time you use a function key shortcut. Changing system function key preferences affects how the function keys work for your Mac, not just Excel.

After changing this setting, you can still perform the special features printed on a function key. Just press the FN key. If a function key doesn't work as you expect it to, press the FN key in addition to the function key. If you don't want to press the FN key each time, you can change your Apple system preferences:. Change function key preferences with the mouse. On the Keyboard tab, select the check box for Use all F1, F2, etc.

The following table provides the function key shortcuts for Excel for Mac. Use a screen reader to explore and navigate Excel.

Basic tasks using a screen reader with Excel. Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance. The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language.

Please go to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk site to find out the contact details for your region. If you are a government, commercial, or enterprise user, please contact the enterprise Disability Answer Desk. Office Accessibility. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac.

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